About the Illustrator

I’m Ope Daniyan, Tewa’s first cousin and bffl 😉 . These days, my life consists of adventures with my new, handsome hubs and surviving Otolaryngology/Head and neck surgery residency. Currently enjoying living in beautiful, sunny Miami, but looking forward to moving next year once I’m done with my training.

I’m super excited about illustrating for this blog! I started drawing at a young age but still consider myself an amateur. My mom tells me that at the age of three I drew a cat, and it looked like an adult had drawn it. I took an Art 101 class and a figure drawing class in college which introduced me to my favorite medium of art- charcoal. I especially like realism art, though I’m excited to improve on my cartoon art via this blog.

Other random facts about me — I’m a super low key girl and don’t like the spot light. My favorite pastime is shopping. My favorite sport to play is ping pong. I love being active, climbing stuff, dancing, singing with my little sister, and making loud outbursts. I love traveling and learning about different people and cultures.

My ultimate dreams are to be a model of some sort, learn to paint, and be in a worship band (sort of realized this goal last year). Professional dreams include becoming an amazing surgeon and participating regularly in international outreach. 

I’m forever indebted to my beautiful parents for bringing me up in a loving, Christ-filled home and to my loving siblings for supporting me always. 

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