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I knowww, I knowww. Social media is on the rise and everyone’s going crazy. Every day, you log onto Instagram or Facebook and another one of your friends has started a personal blog, Youtube channel, or Instagram-personal-trainer-flat-tummy-tea page. Everyone wants to be an Insta-Doc, a Insta-model, a social-media lifestyle influencer. You’re overloaded with content and you don’t need an additional site to distract you from your cat videos.

I feel the same way. That’s why I desired to create a space that’s a little different from the rest. A few months ago, I posted on IG about the time my dad read my diary in public. Immediately, one of my best friends called me and joked, “You better not be trying to become another one of those InstaDocs! I’m watching you!” We laughed. I went on about my day. A short while later I found myself chasing an old patient down the hallway naked in the hospital and thought:  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. I should REALLY write this down

From there I started to pay more attention to the depths of my interactions with patients, other doctors, or people in my personal life. Some of these interactions were funny, others sad, and others enlightening. All in all, I began to learn more about myself, while simultaneously understanding others better the more I paid attention to the ways humans acted when they were most vulnerable — in the hospital.

Not Another Doctor Blog won’t be another page simply promoting the “Doctor lifestyle”, advertising fancy scrubs or even giving advice (although WHO KNOWS, I may end up doing all of those things too! Don’t you put me in a box!). Instead, I want to give you real life stories about real humans that are just like you. Patients are people. Doctors are people too. With all the craziness going on in politics and in general around the world today, I just hope to make you think with me. Maybe… we’re more similar than we are different. Maybe we can learn to understand each other, love each other, appreciate each other. Maybe I can make you laugh while doing those things.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and I hope you enjoy!


**Disclaimer** All names, dates, diseases, or any identifying details of patients or physicians in my stories have been changed to protect their privacy.

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