About Me

By way of introduction, my name is Oyetewa (OH-YAY-TEH-wah). As I mentioned in my introductory blog post, I’m currently in my first year of dermatology residency at Harvard. My parents immigrated from Nigeria and settled in Atlanta, GA, where they had me and my two younger brothers. I went to THE Howard University for college (YOU KNOW!), and then the University of Illinois at Chicago for Medical school. However, what I DIDN’T tell you was…

I have 9 middle names, I LOVE chocolate, one year I almost succeeded in sneaking into the BET awards at the Staple Center in LA, I survived my first (and only) bungee jumping experience in South Korea, I hung out with complete strangers for 48 hours during a solo-trip to Morocco, I worked as a nanny and a waitress in college, and my most memorable accomplishment to date was the first time I was a featured artist in a poetry show. When I get anxious I read Psalm 94:17 and Romans 12:12 over and over. “Ratchet” is my favorite word. I like reading autobiographies, fantasy, and romance novels. My biggest inspirations in life are my two brothers. Lastly, I have the audacity to believe that if I want to accomplish something bad enough… no matter what it is… I can.

I’ve spent the last 9 years in school fighting to become a doctor, without much free time to focus on my creative side. This year and beyond, I’m making a conscientious effort to develop the things that truly give me joy: poetry, creative writing, and a few other artistic things I have cooking.

I’m excited to share one of my first creative experiments with you (this blog), and I hope you stay along for the ride.

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